Garth Hudson walked over to me while we were rehearsing The Weight for their induction into the Juno Hall of Fame. I was expecting some sort of exchange since we were both keyboard players and this is “The Band” and he’s the keyboard player. He waited for a moment when Greg, Jim, Robbie Robertson and Rick Danko were engaged in discussing something and nobody really noticed. He got up and walk over and I saw him coming. I had already thought I would play simple, single note, just background and not interfere with his expression. He had an absent minded old professor drawl and spoke without looking you in the eye,

“What exactly are you going to do over here?”

“I thought I would just play in the mid range just chords so you’re heard very clearly.”

“Uh huh… Um why don’t you just not ….play.”


“Ya, uh huh, that’s good.” He walked away. So that night I played the show¬†like an actor with the keyboard mostly off. It was win win.

The best part anyway¬†was in the rehearsal hearing Rick Danko’s magic voice sing in front of my face and feeling his pain, wishing I could turn something off for him too.

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