5 F student excerpts

Freud: Can you teach me how to play Bohemian Rhapsody?
Wiseman: Probably
Freud: How will you do it?
Wiseman: We’ll do small parts then incrementally you’ll know the whole.
Freud: Have you don’t this before?
Wiseman: Not this one but other songs.
Freud: That worked out?
Wiseman: Yes and No.
Freud: Yes and no?
Wiseman: Sometimes people got what they wanted, sometimes more than what they wanted, sometimes they didn’t or quit.
Freud: I’d like to know more about when they didn’t or quit.
Finkleman: Can you teach me how to play Bohemian Rhapsody?
Wiseman: Probably
Finkleman: Well can you or can’t you?
Wiseman: It depends on what it’s like to work with you.
Finkleman: What do you mean by that? I got the money right here.
Wiseman: Because whether or not you will practise what I show you is an unknown.
Finkleman: Forget it I’ll call someone else.
Fenster: An your tiach mi t;playimg Bheman apsody?
Wiseman: What?
Fenster: Grat, Sozey de kaiser.
Wiseman: Benicio?
Fenster: No poem jes won dater Bheman apsody.
Wiseman: I love your work man.
Fenster: Yamahm it’d kay me toonie.
Fetty: Can you teach me or reach me? Can you preach me Bohema Rhapsody?
Wiseman: Probably.
Fetty: Better try ‘n do a right job I got a glock in my ‘rari Bob.
Wiseman: If you buy 5 lessons in advance I make a discount.
Betty: You think this deal something I need more than her ass and how I got the weed ?
Wiseman: Up to you but I do have one opening.
Fetty: So I sit my ass on this seat. I get my stove you bring the heat. We hit the strip clubs find a magic pole then we be cooking’ piano it’s how we roll.
Wiseman: I think you do the club yourself, it’ll be like a break to help process some of what we’re doing and then we’ll move on.
Flash: I need to learn Bohemian Rhapsody fast?
Wiseman: Fast?
Flash: Fast.
Wiseman: You have to learn it slow before you can go fast.
Flash: You don’t understand.
Wiseman: A lot of people try to play fast.
Flash: It’s my superpower.
Wiseman: Is that why the track suit and mask?
Flash: Not a track suit.
Wiseman: It’s my superpower too, yes I can show you easy peasy.
Flash: I got your email from Cat Woman.
Wiseman: Say hi.
Flash: We don’t talk.
Wiseman: Sorry.
Flash: But she loves that song.
Wiseman: I get it.

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