[Re: Aug 30]  Evan Parker is a God, agreed.

[Re: Aug 30] Hi Bob! Your posts are doing people a lot of good, people like me. Amazing. I finished a new record and put out a teaser. I’d love to share it with you if I can be so presumptuous. Would you like a hard copy or just the files when it’s ready?

[Re: Sept 3]   Have you noticed everyone responds not about what you post?

[Re: Sept 11] How come you aren’t writing about Blue Rodeo? That doesn’t make sense. I like you.

[Re: Sept 20] The Captain approves.

[Re: Oct 15] Bob’s Red Hill. Are you saying  you don’t like oats grown in Canada traveling to America being shipped back to Canada for a higher price than oats from Canada? But come on he lets the American employees share in the revenue, doesn’t that make you feel good? What’s wrong with you Wiseman?

[Re: Oct 16] I like this book you are making.

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