Thought Control

Finding a quarter to release the grocery store cart and the overhead sign says “this cost is the result of the costs of maintaining the carts”. The intent is for consumers to think other customers are bad and that is why you are renting the cart. It is not a comment on the grocery store they are innocent (they just profit). Programming the customers to blame other customers.
Similar on subway “our readers write”, as if it represents real thoughts from people who ride the subway. The message is other riders are frustrated about the behaviour of other riders. Argue amongst yourselves, the Toronto Transit Commission isn’t taking a side, (we’re just printing the mail).
Reminded of music industry people, often corporate lawyers raising their heads at convenient news cycles bemoaning downloading or streaming and how artists are hurt. The intent is for consumers to reflect on how they exploit artists, not that the corporate side had any history unfairly exploiting artists or upset about losing a cash cow. Nice move.

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