brain: who’s in charge here?

From is the knee scab properly healing to paying the cellphone on time to getting the calories from a good source to changing it’s tone of voice when necessary “Hello Officer, was I going too fast?”. The brain is mission control biologically driven to monitor how everything is working.
Then walk into a pharmacy for 3 seconds, buy a bar of soap and on background speakers is I Wear My Sunglasses At Night. Forget about wondering why that would still be heard in 2017 – what is the brain up to if it repeats that melody for the next 2 hours no matter where I travel?
It isn’t because the melody is special, 10 zillion other melodies are as special, it’s not the lyrics, it’s not Cory’s voice. It’s all annoying. What does the brain get out of it? Maybe it wants to have a laugh on the part of consciousness that thinks it’s in charge.

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