the juno for doublespeak

At some point a few years ago the head of A&R sent a letter to all the artists urging us to write the Government of Canada complaining about the unfairness of music copying and accelerate the creation of the blank tape levy. He framed his point as though Warner Music felt so disturbed about how unfairly exploited artists were by copying.
That was weird. Anyone who ever did the math on deals between record companies and artists would scratch their head reviewing the models they used for recoupment and concepts around “fairness”. His letter was a Juno award winning moment for double speak; bet he got a raise. (bet that was the true point).
Eventually the blank tape levy went through, more money for the corporations. There was lip service about artists getting some of it which was great news for Bryan Adams. The assumption was that the rich and famous were copied the most but nobody could prove how often people copied anyone – maybe the most copied were Big Bill Broonzy and Yoko Ono. But the power brokers got to control the story which means they got to organize rewarding themselves.
The blank tape levy, a cash grab. If they had real sincerity that money would fund music in schools etc, something neutral that works for everyone.

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