purple city

City cut down the enormous dead tree. No more imaginary crashes into the house during storms. Next day two big couches dumped in the night, so much for imaginary fear. Used to be offers from different recording studios for free but I no longer recall and now I have a use for them, trick or treat. Old high school people dying others I never saw since grade 8 but see Facebook photos, sometimes turn into grandparents.
The first band, Jim Clark, John Deamel and Danny Row drumming in his basement and Kurt Winters of the actual Guess Who upstairs playing poker with Danny’s father. Being this close to such a famous person is too much to handle at 13. They’re drinkers I don’t understand drinkers. Don’t know anything yet about addiction or voices in the head, endless tape loops and self medicating. At 13 it is just Johnny B. Goode every time all the time.


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