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People talk about their birthright as though to declare you are paleo or a blue bombers fan or someone who drives a prius is your birthright. Others would say the birthright is just needing to eat, to sleep, to have sex. Conditions often look like Alvy Singer’s response to Annie Hall’s brother  “excuse me Dwayne I’m due back on Earth”. The thing about art is there is no objective measurement of good and bad. Everything is good or bad to someone and neither conclusion is wrong.


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  1. My friend tipped me to your posts a few months ago and I’ve been checking in regularly ever since. I find your observations humorous and insightful, and often gratifying in the way you tell it like it is. But this morning you touched a nerve by propagating the populist claim that art is subjective. “Everything is good or bad to someone and neither conclusion is wrong,” may as well read, “I likes what I likes and there’s no accounting for taste.” Sure, but instead of prioritizing personal responses to art (admittedly I didn’t exactly follow how you got there from ‘birthright’), isn’t it more respectful (and responsible) – to the art, to the artist, and to art in general – to make an effort to appreciate an art when afforded the opportunity? Appreciation is quite a separate kind of engagement with art than the ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ kind. They shouldn’t be conflated. I think you probably know that.
    – Bruce


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