get out the door

Getting out the door with someone who is 5 can take about 3 hours. No sweat, you only live once, unless you are totally deluded and expect some sort of forever real estate waiting in some sort of imaginary world where just because you were born with the capacity to think thoughts you feel like that entitles you to some sort of never ending existence. So she floats “we die?” Yes but you’ll first live for a long time. Will you die before me? Yes I’ll die before you. I’ll miss you when you’re dead. Don’t worry, we’ll know each other a long time but after I’m dead when you see the stars at night I’ll be one of them looking down at you. That’s good, you will be a star in the sky. Yep, the best kind of star. What other kinds of stars are there? Sometimes people call themselves stars but if someone calls themselves a star it is proof that they aren’t. I know. How did you know? Because they aren’t in the sky. Exactamungo, can we put your boots on?


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