jack layton

Jack Layton came to one of my Rivoli shows in 1994 stayed until the end, came to the dressing room to tell me he was there, that he was into it, that Olivia also liked my music. I was flattered and happy to meet him in person. I liked him especially as a Toronto Councillor. In the 2000s I saw him one time at the Y on Grosvenor, I thought to myself, how cool is this, the leader of the opposition is working out at the Y like everyone else. There was a phone in show in Quebec around the orange wave and more than one person voiced a complaint about the legitimacy of young NDP people running for parliament he instantly responded something like – they’re old enough for us to send overseas to die but not old enough to represent the people from their constituencies? I felt like Jack Layton’s death was one of the most enabling things that happened for Harper. I think Jack would have been in the way of Harper’s agenda or at least interfered better than the way most experienced Harper treating democracy like it was a dog he could muzzle.

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