one more letter

>Hi, I read your advice about getting songs out there but
>nobody agreed with you. Are you a dumb schmuck?
>No offense.
Depends if you ask Richard Flohil or David Byrne.
Some people didn’t see it like me but I don’t see it like them either, it is a big world no? I see it as being about payola, which is in like flint, is everywhere you look, if you know how to look.
The business people make deals with their pals, you put my act on the road opening for your act and I do some other favour for you. So being a loner, an actual independent voice means you have very little power (in the ordinary music business sense). I recommended trying to reach artists directly – partly because no way their business partners (publishers, record companies, management, agents, etc.) would agree to them working with me. It doesn’t offer them a way to add another percentage for themselves.
Feist took me on the road as her opening act in Europe because I wrote her directly, same for Barenaked Ladies. No surprise they were ordinary people and I was talking to them straight up instead of middlemen. I think I have ever been endorsed by any middleman.
If you want to write me again you know where to reach me. Years of dumb schmuckness at my disposal to draw from.

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