did you get the joke?

Little person is into knock knock jokes. As far as she understands the point of the jokes is just to have a last line which could be anything. For instance knock knock, who’s there, dog, dog who? dog and popcorn ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha and it is really hilarious every time. Way funnier than the joke of being an opening act.


We want you to open for (insert famous person). Sure how much does it pay? Sorry it doesn’t pay. But your tickets are $25 and this place holds 200 people. Ya but our expenses are crazy, so you want to do it or what? I’ll throw in a couple drink tickets (and dinner at half price).


Guy in coffee shop tells me the code to their wifi is  11111111.  I said one sec I’ll write it down. He says don’t worry it’s on all the tables. People who don’t get the joke, that’s life.

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