recording movements

Amazing how wrong I can be about the future, but perhaps it is a hopeful thing, when you usually think we just a lost ship in the universe, fowling the nest. Maybe I’m wrong and Kim Jong il will blow up Mar-A-Lago before USA blows up North Korea before Russia and rest of world join the blow up party.


But that’s not where I was going. I am just bewildered to have not anticipated the surveillance society we entered. That people would use interac, where very easily a secret code is not so secret to everyone around you, and there are ceiling mounted cameras recording above you.


But that’s still not where I was going. Spotify sent me a playlist and it is perfect. I don’t like that. It means they followed everything I did in my searches and then algorithmed it back at me. No thanks,  don’t want them (or the police or my mother or you) to record my movements. I want the illusion that I am free. Get your own illusion.

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