earth wants this

Hard to believe how long it is taking to find a willing guitarist to play something funky on a demo for the young student who works at McDonalds. The first one bailed the day of the session, the second one bailed 2 days before their session, the third one is always too busy, that is probably their way of saying they do not want to participate in the 30 minutes I seek, the 4th one, also former student, doesn’t return my emails. This is so contrary to how life usually has gone for me. Could be the new norm. Heavens to Betsy. Come in Betsy, Betsy come in… can you play funky, a wee bit, for the demo? You would be doing something meaningful and we will show allegiance to you if anything financially flattering transpires ever. It is December. People are selling people as slaves in Libya and no doubt elsewhere. There has always been unspeakable pain in the world. The Earth that made everything, and planted each life with a mechanical plan, like to bark, to bloom, to chase, to fly, to buzz, to sting, to bite, made much humankind to act selfishly and unconcerned about damage done outside their immediate gratification. Also wired up some to yell about fucked up shit.

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