for every action

Republican child molester, then whackos attack the same news outlets, frame them using actors so they “prove” they found bias. Their message, despite being a child molester the greater crime is reporting it.
Lido Pimienta makes the performance space accessible for women who aren’t white and gaggles of whackos pollute her threads online. Their message if someone not white and not with a penis wants to challenge history then they should be called a racist. Limelight comes with madness.
One time at Bloor Street festival, told Olivia Chow that Pat Martin said I should consider running. She said yes you should. I looked at her screwy, to be at the centre comes with too much madness. I am attracted to making change but political office means being political, being nice to everyone including whackos and months or years to try moving the ball forward, if it even does.
And the defiant pointless psycho voices, always at the ready to scream and yell. Science class soundbites from high school go off, an equal and opposite reaction for every other action, right Mr. Hawn? The sludge test.
Then again Nelson Mandela did blow everything out of the water. Never imagined political forces could set up truth and reconciliation instead of national holiday to celebrate vengeance.

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