My evil plan is working. Returning to school finishing my Masters, nose to the grindstone, show up, do the work POOF, first semester done. No degree, just a bunch of Junos, which as it turns out, are pretty good if you play prepared piano. Seems like nobody notices I am an imposter. Certain people understand life can be war and we can be spies. When the class looked at Umwelt it wasn’t a new concept as much as it was a new word for an old idea. Younger version couldn’t handle material I didn’t agree with. Fast forward decades, it is a cinch, now so familiar with situations or ideas that I don’t agree with, if my inner voice wasn’t silenced then who cares about different opinions. My father returned to school in middle age. I’m where he was 30 years ago. Like having a new connection with him, like time travel. As far as spies go he deserved his own shoe-phone. Naturally, I’m studying music though not in the music department.

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  1. I am almost 40 and I just finished my first semester at York studying with Casey, after having takien his class for two weeks twenty years ago…returning to school at middle age is a bold and courageous choice which yields unique intellectual dividends not avalable to the 19 year old brain.


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