Ambrosia has knocked honey crisp out of the running. Honey crisp held first place for a long time. I admit my bias was Pink Lady but it was never more amusing than the name, you have to be objective.
When I record someone doing various takes I list my reactions. Once on a session with Danny Lanois, noticed he did that after each take. Thought to myself that is a fairly low tech method for such an entitled big shot. Ok, I can use a pen and paper too. A list ensues, best takes, mediocre takes. But if I do not write down what was what, I won’t necessarily distinguish, in the future, what was best vs. what was imperfect.
Am I saving myself work by making these lists? Or should I listen as a blank slate, make notes and then compare with my fresh notes from the original session? A potential student sent me a sample of her music, a song which has the same melody for the verses and the chorus. Not sure if she is inexperienced or exceptional.
Alternate universes. One where songs have no changeable melodies. One where Mr. Spock uses logic for evil. One where Trump’s son marries a Palestinian woman and she becomes his advisor. One where if Al Franken resigns, Trump does too.

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