everybody knows

leonard cohen at the junos in vancouver 25 years ago. just a handshake by the back door as he was leaving. wished a handshake could be a long conversation but so it goes. certain songs other people wrote, wish i wrote. every thing is broken by bob dylan or everybody knows by leonard cohen. at the show yesterday, one performer said “this is my last song …or is it ok if I do more? who is the time keeper?”
annoying when people talk like someone else is responsible for their set length, like it is up to the audience to stop them. seems manipuative and hambone. as fair as a police union. have to persuade my big mouth to stay zipped up, later maybe in song, release opinions even if it doesn’t make me friends. Read about assassination of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, like reading about assassination of Anna Politkovskaya like reading about murder of artist Pippa Bacca. Leonard Cohen hit many nails on the head, maybe best was when he wrote I’ve seen the future and it’s murder. I feel kinship to those murdered people whose crime in dark rooms was turning on the light switch. i keep reassuring my daughter that there are no monsters but i’m lying.


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