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On the back of an album of music by Beethoven, read when the piece was first performed he had to do an encore of it, meaning the whole 40 minute piece again. At that time people couldn’t hear it again unless it was live. I like rewinding, trying to see the before, would love to get a solid glimpse into my ancestors, generations back, where were they, who were they. Bet we’re all connected to murderers, rapists, saints, maybe artists. Someone from 5000 years ago, is in a way still alive because we are. The genes of my ancestors obviously weren’t very good at making cookies. That must be why it is a struggle for me but then again only tried once, a couple days ago. Maybe the instincts they passed to me were to judge too quickly or I got blogging genes. My dentist retired this year, he hated Beethoven. He was a bit of a classical music nerd and when he caught wind of my composition ambitions he said skip Beethoven, don’t waste your time there. Didn’t take his advice and fortunately the string quartets really kill me. Wonder if I’ll get the quartets I wrote recorded by people instead of Logic Pro X. Karma is a nice idea but I don’t believe in it. Too much that is evil goes to sleep at night pleased with itself and what it got away with.

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