animal improvisors

Animals are already in that space improvisors are trying to sniff out. They’re paying attention to every second, already living it. I used to think it was valuable to try seeing how long can I keep my consciousness tuned into the present like each step while walking, or each breath. People can’t maintain that very long but animals already live there. They are showing the way all the time.

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  1. The presence of death at every step is a great way to heighten awareness. Most animals face the possibility of being killed at every instance, or in the case of a top predator, they must execute their kill perfectly or face possible death by starvation. There is an author named Karl Marlantes (Rhodes scholar and former marine) who wrote some devastatingly powerful combat memoirs about his experiences during the Vietnam war, where he speaks of this heightened state of awareness. Boxing may be a less lethal way to possibly experience such a state of presence.


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