wake up time to die

Airplane back from Winnipeg, Blade Runner playing. As it started I read the credits, Harrison Ford, Edward Olmos, Daryl Hannah, Rutger Hauer and I thought how cool they got the old cast together. The film started with synth sounds which were awesome, what guts for 2017, then I realized this isn’t the new Blade Runner, it is the original. I watched anyway. Music so unlike what people settle for in big films. I also recently saw Downsizing, exactly the usual film score, usual use of strings and orchestra to say now you are sad, now it is suspenseful, now it is action. It works but it is in almost every film and there are a zillion other ways a creative musician could do things uniquely. Makes me want to scream, wake up, time to die.

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  1. Vangelis performed the entire score on a yamaha cs-80, and I believe much of his compositional technique on that film was largely improvisational.


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