Teacher: You’re out of tune with the keyboard could you check your tuning?

Student: Why don’t you ask her?

Teacher: Her keyboard has preset pitch already established.

Student: You could go to the portamento settings.

Teacher: That doesn’t alter the fact that the Keyboard is already at A440 and your strings are not.

Student: But I like it this way.

Teacher: But this is a school, not exactly conducive for working in a group to have someone sharp or flat.

Student: So what.

Teacher: If it was a philosophy class I would consider your point, maybe.

Student: Into micro-tonality.

Teacher: I’m into not being out of tune, at least not here.

Student: Have you ever heard King Crimson?

Teacher: Have you ever heard Mood Jga Jga?

Student: Have you ever heard Henry Cowell?

Teacher: Have you ever heard Anhai?

Student: Have you ever heard Eugene Chadbourne?

Teacher: I toured with Eugene Chadbourne.

Student: You win.

Teacher: Then you’ll tune.

Student: Ok.

Teacher: Why are you so difficult?

Student: I was born this way.


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