kingston 1985

Being the youngest in the band, I was the recipient of a lot of advice in the early years of Blue Rodeo. Time to update something one member shared with me the first time we played out of town and I began to grasp our different views on reality. Update: what goes on below middle C stays below middle C.


  1. I used to have a terrible problem with always upgrading gear. It was a curse really. It hindered the development of my musicianship, and made me many enemies in the crew. Some time ago I read an article where you mentioned how you bought your acetone, and how you had really wanted a prophet 5, or some other keyboard, maybe a dx7? The point of the article was about how the soul of the player comes through the fingers, and the gear itself is a trvial concern. Around the same time, I was on the road and stopped in a blues club in Atlanta to take in a set by Joe Louis Walker. His keyboard player threw down some of the most inspired soloing I ever heard in my life. I noticed he was playing on some old Ensoniq keyboard from the late 80s. Here I was, in this ig touring band, wasting loads of time and money obsessing about gear, when this guy was playing the most incredible solos on a supposedly out of date keyboard which I’m sure he was playing not because it was ‘cool’, but because it was the best gear he could afford. I’m not sure if it was the article I read about how you bought your acetone, or if it was this keyboard player’s on stage heroics, but I never changed my gear again. The heart, mind and fingers are what matter.


  2. haha, ok…I get it. I thought you were referring to smethng else….


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