types of teaching

Skating with 5 year old who clings to plastic support thing which I am pulling on the ice to help her move forward. Briefly stop the teenage ice patrol for her opinion, probably she is a pro. What moves do you recommend for teaching this little girl basics of skating. She says getting up on one knee is a good start because there always are falls. I realize I have interrupted or rescued all falls. I start to let it happen and let her get up using one knee for support. She is having a good time. It was wise and falling on your ass is part of it. I have had teachers put me in a position to be shocked or humiliated, falling on my ass in front of everyone. I resented it and thought they were assholes. Hard to tell now if when it happened it was because they truly were assholes or sincerely trying to position me somewhere uncomfortable to learn how to get up and start again. Don’t know. Cut to: music conference 25 years ago, Saskatoon. A panel of “industry experts” rate demo tapes by local musicians. They complained and made lists of reasons each song failed. Everybody endured some criticism about what was “wrong”. I wondered how to assure them, being in this line and dignifying the opinions of people who once tried to make it but failed, is another wrong maybe the only one worth thinking about.

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