evil plans

What was really fun, once upon a time in my life, was playing in a band that had simple pop compositions where I was expected to solo over indefinitely. Like until the guitarist gave me an urgent look to finish. Sometimes that took a very long time and that was fine. So the thing is, how much can you do with ordinary melodic ideas in a song in C for instance that is a loop of 2 or 3 chords. Eventually I would move into C#. It was unique and probably confusing to some, exciting to others, but that’s ok after all I just wanted to make it more interesting.

The comments on Facebook sometimes are confusing or to put it another way there are some confusing comments because they miss the point of what the thread is about. I’m thinking it would be more fun to replace the thread with something unrelated, like how to play golf. Then the comments that make no sense to me would be so much more interesting. That’s my new evil plan.

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  1. my problem is I move to C# too quickly without extracting everything C has to offer…I always eat my desserts in seconds rather than minites, so I suspect it’s the same problem with long form improvisation…


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