Memories of Lake Michigan Soda

I went into the pizza place my daughter favours, where always there is a sports channel playing and I don’t follow many sports but tonight curling was on. And between me explaining why they are sweeping and what they are throwing and naturally making up names and occupations for the different curlers, I couldn’t believe the state of modern advertising. Slogans bombarding all over the ice and worse the sides made of video monitors alternating advertisements the entire time. Pretty difficult to enjoy any game when corporate dumbness is a strobe light. I first noticed in the 80s sponsorships by musicians in the liner notes of albums. So and so only uses such and such guitar strings, such and such drum heads – that’s why I’m still proud of the deal I cut with Lake Michigan Soda in 1991, thanks to their president, Frank Sweet (aka Mendelson Joe) for almost 30 years of partnership.

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  1. still my fav album of yours…


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