mind fail

Why can’t I take lessons with you?

I didn’t say you couldn’t take lessons, I said I couldn’t teach you.

Why can’t you teach me?

Because you don’t practice.

I’m just being real. I don’t have time to practice.

I’m being real too.

Can’t you just show me how you do that thing?

It requires practice.

Why is it so hard?

It isn’t.

Yes it is.

What do you mean?

Playing something over and over, co-ordinating your hands, remembering details, that’s hard.

You know I can recommend someone else, I know a classical teacher.

But I like you.

But you don’t hear me.

No you’re the one not listening.

How is that?

I just want you to show me how you do that thing and you want me to make a commitment to practice.



Ok I’ll show you how to do that thing.


You go like this.

How did you do that?

Like this.

That’s hard.

Do it slow.

It’s crazy.

Do it very very slow.

Why can’t I do it like you?

You can, but it doesn’t start by being able to do it exactly like me.

Why not?

Hey, are we in a tape loop?

You think?

Is it starting over again?

Why can’t I take lessons with you?


Wow, we did this already.

A bunch.

You think there is a way out?

Or at least an interruption.

I don’t know.

That’s what you always say.

I don’t know.

Say something different.

I don’t want to study with you.


Just kidding I do.

Do you want to escape eternity or not?

Then agree to teach me.


In the scheme of unfair possibilities this isn’t the worst.








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