I played Ontario Place many times with Blue Rodeo. One time while walking down the laneway post show, a couple in a car recognized me and offered me a lift I said sure and got into their car. They were thrilled. They had just seen the show and they liked my style – “You’re a wild man!” said the man and the woman driving asked which street she should take to get me home. He was especially animated about how much fun it was to watch me on stage blah blah blah and how cool it was that they noticed me and could give me a ride.
Then I ruined everything.
I said “what do you do for a living?”…….his smile ended and he looked off in the distance “I’m a cop”.
I wanted to laugh, it was an unexpected answer but I knew this was probably not the best reaction (especially if I wanted to get to College and Spadina). “That’s great” I said.
Until that moment I was a person of honour and privilege now the rules changed and I became careful. He knew it too and that was the most interesting part. He just wanted to be a fan and me be a celebrity. Now we were in a class experiment.

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  1. I think being a cop is the hardest gig out there. It’s the only job where you’re expected to be a social worker, psychologist, and judge. Those occupations require extensive post-graduate education. You usually have lots of time to weigh the pros and cons of your choice, and If you do happen to make the wrong choice, at best you get a reprimand from whatever professional organization regulates your profession. With a cop, you only need a high-school diploma, and yet you’re expected to make spilt second decisions. The wrong decision will either cost you your life, or the life of an innocent person. Perhaps we need to rethink qualifications and training.


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