the 10th victim

There is a movie I like so much, seen it 5 times. Made in the mid 60s called La Decima Vittima. About us, in the 21rst century, and the state has sanctioned a reality tv show to help citizens work out their hostilities. Participants win a million dollars by murdering 10 people and surviving 10 attempts on their lives. Every time I watch it (starring Marcello Mastroinni and Ursula Andress) I wonder about the prescient mind of the writer. The soundtrack features one repeated weird futuristic song,  on an organ with female-choral-vowel-sounding accompaniment.
I thought about La Decimal Vittima while reading about the pedestrian killed by Uber testing a self driving car. The gist of the reporting was – too bad it happened and Uber feels bad for the victim’s family, sniff, ok everyone back to work and continue adjusting to robots in charge. If there is an increase in profit margins then the death of this or other pedestrians is a small sacrifice, send flowers to the family and halt all testing (for up to an hour). The reporting focused on the car’s camera failing.
Why isn’t Uber or the company who invented the “safe” robot car, charged with murder? In the 60s, the American trailers that advertised La decimal Vittima framed it as a whacky comedy, I’m too serious for the 21rst century.
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