bob to bob

Second batch of Kombucha way more reactive than first. Is it because of the type of sugar, the scoby, the length of fermentation? Haven’t a clue. Way more carbonated, way quicker, even feels a little like alcohol. My daughter scooters to the bus stop and first asks, “can I scooter to the bus?” I remind myself any second she will start telling me the way things are instead of asking for permission. There was a character in a Richard Brautigan book who used to always count everything because it was boring and when bored it felt like things happened more slowly. He concluded he would live longer if a state of boredom was sustained. I try to watch her scoot in slow motion. There are things I pull off on the piano probably won’t be able to do in older age, assuming I live to have an older age. I try to savour them as they are happening, watch it all in slow motion, for my imaginary self of the future in case right now, he is wishing he could go back in time.

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