pianist arrives

Heard many times so and so was born with talent and figured that that was the way it worked. Whether it was amazing yo yo tricks or amazing guitar playing, people said they were born with talent, they said it about me too but I knew it wasn’t true. Always felt I could show anyone how to do what I do but as I tested that theory, I came up against some people who can’t get it no matter how hard I try to explain. Then it was easier to conclude that the first explanation was right, but it isn’t. Just a comment on whether people do the work, whether they have opportunity and whether the person explaining does so efficiently. Talent then is someone inclined to do the learning and anyone can do that. It is about incentives more than randomly allocated mystical forces.
Up until now whenever I showed my young daughter how to play piano she was interested momentarily but once she had to try distinguishing fingers and notes it was too much and she lost interest. That was fine, wasn’t trying to force it, was trying to find an incentive. Thought showing her how to play the melodies she loved would do it but it didn’t. Recently her best friend started to take piano lessons, they do a lot of things together and compare each others lunches, clothes, scooters…now daughter declares she wants piano lessons and she started improvising on her own, her attention is suddenly sustained. It’s pretty beautiful to watch and whether or not she stays with it it proves how these things work. Her talent, is that she has the opportunity to play this thing (there is a piano in her house) and she has an incentive to sustain working at it (she wants to keep things in common with her pal).

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