lawyer fees

Got as call from a big company to score a movie. They spoke as though I was an interesting choice as composer. Then they asked if they could send me a couple scenes to score, then the people in charge would select who they liked most without knowing who they were listening to. I love that line of thought, wish everyone did that all the time. Give the job to who sounds best not who is situated most powerfully. How radical.
Then before sending me the clips they sent me a legal paper to sign, stipulating every way I could be worth suing and I am expected to work on this test for free.
I wrote back and said if they still want me to do this test for free no sweat, but if they want me to sign a form addressing reasons I could be sued, no thanks. It puts me in a position to use a lawyer and then I have to spend money so maybe they should get someone else. Thanks anyway.
I’m curious to see if they decide I’m a flake or if they come back and say pretty please?

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