the draw

Bad dream last night, best part is waking up and knowing none of it is true. Tempting to linger on hidden meanings behind imagination. Is there any difference between imaginary thoughts after sleeping and the ones throughout the day while awake? When we are awake are we not still asleep? Like if you were awake wouldn’t that mean you don’t do the same stupid shit over and over and over? The heart never stops beating, the finger nails never stop growing, the brain keeps imagining even when technically you lay down and sleep, dreams are just more of the same. That’s the draw for improvisors, the interruption, trading that for being in the actual present active in a game of remaining awake to the sound of every moment.

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  1. I like to think sometimes that I could do without nightmares but even THEY usually (in time) inform me of alternatives to my “destined” path and resolution to paradoxes: why I’m glad I’m still dreaming, nightmares included. I met one of your brothers – Jimmy? – singing in a Penticton, BC bar. It was so interesting to hear and watch his facility with the not-so-attentive bar crowd (well, it WAS St. Patrick’s Day). I had listened to YOU at a club in Vancouver; so, that was my way of striking up a conversation with him. Thanks!


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