Last week I went to the open stage called R.I.S.E. in Scarborough for the 2cnd time. Unlike the other open stages I know, R.I.S.E. is predominantly hip hop youth, community messaging and a lot of standing ovations following most performances. That part is awkward. I’m not disinclined to give a standing ovation if I’m blown away but I’ve seen a lot of performance and my threshold seems different than most of the people sitting near me.  I imagine the other people think I am arrogant asshole for not standing plus  I’m older than most everyone, probably solidifies some suspicion – that seated arrogant asshole is a cop. I do have an appropriate dumb mustache these days. Why is there a cop watching everyone jam over their beats? If they only knew. I’m a spy, plain and simple.
Best part of being in the music business, best part of any big performance, best part of attending the Junos is the fact that I don’t identify with these places but they let me in. I can do reconnaissance. For years my unchanged agenda – who’s got talent and do they want to play with me. There was a woman performing poetry who stood out the first time I came. She said some surprising things about men and women, it was a long feminist piece. There were some lines about how pathetic it was that men can behave like shit to women when after all women gave birth to them and something else about how they (women) represent an opportunity for them to get to heaven (sex). I can’t remember her exact phrases.  I would enjoy recording her and seeing if I might contribute musically but I stopped myself because currently I have too much on my plate, plus she might not like cops.   

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