soundtrack on wheels

For a long time cars have been useful places to check mixes of music I’m working on.  When my teenage friends turned 16 most of them tried to get their driver’s licenses right away. One time, in a car with Nancy Glazerman, went to turn on her radio and she stopped me “I don’t know how to drive yet with the radio on”. Found that hard to believe but maybe it was legitimate, didn’t have my license yet, how could I know if in fact that was a difficult thing to do? Sometimes in big cities people drive in such selfish me first ways, blocking the  flow of traffic for the rest, making suicide moves despite having passengers even infants in baby seats, just to get ahead another 2 inches. Don’t need VR glasses when you have the keys to the ignition. One time, in dense traffic,  saw 3 guys burst out of their car on Richmond street,  jump on top of the car of a single man, bounce up and down on his hood, kick at the windshield until it shattered. They jumped off, the traumatized guy sped away and dudes also quickly fled. Was too fast and unbelievable, lot of traffic, people moved on. Later called the cops willing to be a witness in case the victim reported it but never a callback. I drove to Buffalo to pick up the American musician I had planned a tour with. As soon as we concluded the paperwork inside the border office and were in the car moving down the QEW he lit up a joint with relief. Couldn’t believe he snuck pot across the border which could have also got me busted and ruined my touring life. Maybe partly why I like listening back to mixes in cars is because of the changing scenery. I can listen to the music like a soundtrack. 
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  1. The thin veil that we call humanity comes off in the few seconds it takes to turn on the ignition. There should be a psyche exam as part of the driving test.


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