mother’s day

kid: Why is there a mother’s day?

dad: Because people thought it would be a good idea to have a day to celebrate all that your mother does, there’s a father’s day too if you’re worried about my feelings.

kid: Why isn’t there a kid’s day?

dad: There is a family day.

kid: But that’s not a kid’s day.

dad: You’re right.

kid: Is there a piano day?

dad: The whole month of April is piano month.

kid: Are you joking.

dad: Maybe it is just 3 weeks and not the entire month.

kid: Do people make cards for piano month?

dad: No they buy different pianists ice cream unless they’re vegan then they get them some wood chips.

kid: Are you joking.

dad: Not a good idea to play the piano and be vegan.

kid: Unless you like wood chips.

dad: Exactly. What would you like for kid’s day?

kid: A hatch-a-mole

dad: What’s so great about a hatch-a-mole?

kid: It’s just that I don’t have one.

dad: You don’t have a bowling alley, does the mean you need one?

kid: You’re not listening to me.

dad: Ok, hatch-a-mole, next Kid’s day you want a hatch-a-mole. I’ll speak wth my board of directors and get back to you.

kid: Don’t forget.

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