george monbiot’s book about re-wilding was inspiring, later pitched songs based on those ideas for an Ontario Arts Council songwriting grant. won’t get it but at the same time did submit, buying a  lottery ticket without paying anything. there was a writer from Georgia I liked who challenged readers to think something new. what he was getting at made sense, we think the same thoughts over and over just tape loops. my friends don’t know what i’m talking about, seems i’m in a sufi story about a man who sees oranges in the corner and when he points it out people respond what oranges? where?
the tricky part about this re-wilding idea is that if removing man’s influence allows nature to reposition itself and achieve some feral perfection what does it mean for man’s purpose who is also a naturally occurring  part of life. the thing about applying for a grant is that they expect an artist to explain what they are going to do. they need to explain and justify to funders why they gave this money to that person or that person. understandable but at the same time kills what is wild about the artist or places them in a position to liberally lie in order to get funding in order to make art. the idea that an artist knows in advance what they will make is contrary to what artist’s do – play and experiment and discover. it would be enjoyable to answer their questions with “i don’t know, trust me we’ll see”. what oranges? where?

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