Jokingly said to the guy with the ponytail at home depot cutting the wood I was buying
“Is this the job you wished for as a kid” he smiled said no, he had a band 30 years ago and hoped to make it but got into a motorcycle accident, “Woke up 5 days later with a broken back, don’t remember a thing, guy went through the intersection and nailed me, completely his fault. He paid less than $200 for the crime and I paid in headaches and physio therapy the rest of forever.” Said I was sorry to hear to hear it,
“But we were actually very close to getting a record deal, this close” he put his thumb and index finger together. “You ever heard of South by Southwest?”
“Yes I’m a musician too”
“No way. Well we had an offer on the table from Chrysalis out of Los Angeles you ever hear of Chrysalis?”
“Yes I remember them”.
“We had Steven something going through the contract he was a big lawyer but then I was hit, POOF – life happens eh?”
“Yes life happens. Was the lawyer Steven Stohn?”
“That’s him. What do you play?”
“That’s funny.”
“I guess.”
“You have to admit it is a funny instrument.”
“I guess.”
“Not like you ever could be in a big band or have a record deal playing accordion.”
“You might be surprised.”
“Did you ever think of doing something more commercial?”
“Like guitar and voice”.
“Too much competition. I have the accordion market all sewn up.”
“That’s smart, good for you. I still write, wrote something last night.”
“About what?”
“About the birds”.
“Tell me more”
“I love all their different sounds. I was writing about a guy who could talk to them and who convinced the birds to take him flying.”
“Doesn’t sound too commercial.”
“It’s not, I’m past thinking that way.”

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