director: can you do that thing like tarantino?
composer: like this?
director: perfect.
(next time)
director: can you add something fellini-esque?
composer: like this?
director: perfect
(next time)
director: can you make a small change like jon brion?
composer: like this?
director: yes i like that…perfect
(next time)
director: it still needs something.
composer: what are you thinking?
director: maybe half tarantino half fellini
composer: ok
director: and half kurosawa too
composer: that’s 3 halfs
director: am i a pain in the ass to work with?
composer: no, you just need to hear things before you can figure out what you like.
director: perfect.
composer: I’ll try and do a blend of those 3 things.
director: waitasec. i just thought of something. do you think it could be possible to try your own ideas?
composer: i think it could be possible.
director: go for it.
(next mtg)
director: I like the synth and the singing. and who is that singing?
composer: she is a opera friend – because the film is about an opera singer I thought hearing some operatic texture might make sense in places.
director: it works, great idea, i love it, perfect.
(next mtg)
director: my friend in los angeles heard it and hates it, he had a film at sundance 3 years ago – he thinks you need to try another tarantino kind of thing.
composer: perfect

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