farters and burpers

Used to start my mornings at the end of high school listening to My Aim Is True by Elvis Costello. Didn’t remain a big fan as time went on but I was thrilled to attend the first tour, plus he played my favourite venue in Winnipeg – the Playhouse. With Blue Rodeo I played the David Letterman Show and the Johnny Carson but in my mind “making it” has always been if you play the Playhouse.
During intermission, I went outside to do something illegal which ironically blew away from the strong back lane wind. Like the sneezing scene in Annie Hall. After I returned feeling stupid,  I ran into the manger of local Winnipeg band The Fuse. He said he was going to ask Elvis to come jam with the band after the show, they had a gig that night at a local bar called the  Norlander on Pembina highway. I wasn’t in a good mood, that wind was very expensive and I responded cynically, sure Elvis Costello is going to go play the Norlander after this, uh huh have a great time.
That Elvis Costello did go and did sit in after the Playhouse with the Fuse was all anyone talked about for the rest of the year. That probably was the beginning of realizing famous people on stage also fart and burp or maybe that cynical people rarely get to enjoy magical moments.

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