cat power

At one point last night I was sitting on a doorstep with 4 people when a slender white cat steadfastly started climbing a tall tree. Everyone chimed in about how dangerous this was getting, then someone on the street got concerned and expressed it’s future would be only bad news. A three yr old boy asked his mother if 911 needed to be called and was told that that’s what happened the last time they saw a cat so high in a tree. But I knew this cat since more than a year, it has survived a long time on it’s smarts, it scratched me one time and I didn’t see it coming. And then it started to go backwards, everyone made encouraging sounds on the edge of their seats and it found it’s way down to the ground. Relief all around but until that moment everyone was thinking through less desirable outcomes.
Jumping up a tree amusing everyone then scaring everyone. Creating a space where everyone doubted the possibility of a happy ending and then freaking them out by doing just. Cat was just a good soloist.

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