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Re: Bob Dylan’s Manager
I can’t believe you wrote this. Thanks this is awesome and so are you.
Re: Student Song about no God
Wiseman you need to capitalize G-d’s name.
Hi Bob Wiseman, that this young woman is trying to write about not believing in god is just like my son who is also writing songs about god being dead. Should we send him to you? You are the no god song teacher
Bob, why don’t you make a book out of your posts. Really, why not? People want this.
Re: Elvis Costello the Playhouse
You should play with Elvis. I’m writing him a letter.
Re: cat solo
This was the best.
Bobby Wiseman. How did you get scratched by surprise?
Re: signing contracts
I like the woman defending film industry telling you you won’t work unless you agree to do the thing you wrote about not doing and yet you work in the film industry. I’m betting she is pleased about Doug Ford winning.
Dear Mr. Wiseman – You’ll never work in this town again. You wonderful flake! Don’t ever stop.
Bob!! Love your Facebooking and especially disingenuous fart catchers getting angry at you. Bon Chance indeed.
Longtime reader here. You made your position clear yet ** needs to rub your nose in it that you aren’t a good enough bum kisser. We admire you writing about the issues. As a female composer it breaks my heart to read another women displeased you stand up to unfair exploitation. Thanks
Re: horror film scoring
You obviously do not understand why people love bloody scary screamy horror film genre. I resent you writing about it as though it is something tossed off. You are an arrogant dweeb.
Re: Final Paper
dear bob. Good luck with that.
Re: Interviews
Hi Bob, why are you applying to teach since you already have the job here? You have sage advice Wiseman.
Re: Sunflowers destroyed
Not chicken wire methinks you deserved it.
Re: Hostile Woman
I know somebody who is very similar and she’s very insecure. I think the need to tell people how wrong they are is her way of trying to say how right she is. What do you think?
Re: Your brother coming to town
Is this Ronnie Wiseman?
Re: Ginko tree
They can live hundreds of years.
The Ginko is the besto.
Re: G#
I like your writing very much indeed. A coffee table book of it you must make. I would help you if you want it.

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