Writing a final paper for class about an idea that tickled my brain reading Avery Gordon on how ghosts haunt the present. It makes me think for instance of Bathurst and Bloor, now an empty lot but if you were around during Honest Ed’s department store you might think about the ghosts here. For some people every time they look at whatever development next goes up at Bathurst and Bloor, they will also see the backstory. In music too, some people don’t hear Cecil Taylor without thinking about the history of melodicism, and where does that ever end? Is there anything without a back story? Nope. But if you follow that line of thought further, eventually there isn’t an inciting incident, there is always an earlier history and another earlier history and another. In the bigger picture of life there is no beginning middle or end just perpetual motion. I don’t think there is room in the class to have an opinion like that, to admit I don’t really believe in ghosts .

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