forgetting or losing

There was a melody in my dream last night and when I woke up I thought I should play it right away or risk forgetting it. Then an hour flew by making her breakfast, getting her dressed and off to camp. Later I remembered the dream but no longer remembered the melody. There will be more dreams or melodies, no big deal. One time when word processors were thought modern I was getting ready to catch a cab to the airport, flying early to London England. I had collected all my songs, especially unfinished ideas on my word processor and accidentally erased all my files. The machine always asked at the end of each session Delete file Y/N? Something like that and this time it probably said Delete All Files Y/N? I was rushing and sleepy, I remember it in slow motion, my finger coming down on Y. Then 40 unfinished or unrecorded songs were gone in an instant. The next second I was catatonic, then the cab rang. Spent the flight trying to rewrite pieces from memory best I could, only managed one. Face to face encounters with unexpected loss eventually lead you back to thinking about attachment which in turn leads you back to the fact that you are unattached to life, like it or not,  (insert Once In A Lifetime soundtrack).

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