do it jeff

At the intersection I looked up at the three story brick house and over the uppermost window was a blown up photograph. Jeff Beck seated playing guitar, late 60s. I wonder if they think it is a generic cool guy playing guitar or if they know Jeff Beck well enough to appreciate how much closer he is to other galaxies than the rest of us? Guessing the latter.
Didn’t tune into Roy Buchanan until a few years after he died and when I did I realized Jeff Beck had a neighbour. And then there are the amazing artists who were never known widely, who achieved unspeakable heights in their work and died in obscurity. There will always be amazing artists who sometimes try to pass it on but is it that simple? Can you teach what you know by offering to show how you do it? Nope. The student has to also be positioned in a certain way if it is going to happen.
A teacher I worked with, who wasn’t the kindest person I ever met, once paid me a compliment. While I was playing he turned to a colleague in the room and said “you can’t teach people how to do that”.
My two favourite moments on Talking Book are in the same song, Looking’ For Another Pure Love. The first moment is Stevie Wonder laughing out loud after hearing the first two notes of Jeff Beck’s solo. Second favourite is later in the solo he can’t help himself and goes “do it Jeff”.

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