pretending to talk about laura nyro

There is an interview with Todd Rundgren and he talks about Laura Nyro. He explains how her first record was so important and so amazing for so many people but when he met her he learned she wasn’t happy about it or the process. Years later he works with her and she has her own studio where she records without any pressure or upset but he finds it a so so record even says since she did so many takes “how will she be able to decide?” He concludes that pressure and pain are more useful for great records or great art.  I didn’t follow his logic. He assumes that Laura Nyro should regret the later record because he found it so so and he thinks she should feel differently about her early record because others admired it not her. He also thinks the artist who records many versions of their song won’t be able to determine their favourite version because…? I think he was pretending to talk about Laura Nyro.

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