chubby checker

There was a drunk guy who was getting out of control at a gig one time. Seen it before. People pretend it isn’t going on and hope the person and their trouble will go away or else they go for cover, it is someone else’s problem. I can be sheepish too, I don’t want to deal with a drunk person or potential fight. Sometimes someone who works there has to play the heavy. This time was in the back room at the Cameron and a skinny young woman who was friends with me and other musicians playing that night just reached out to the big drunk guy and nicely asked “are you ok?”, she was totally sincere. He melted, she helped him move on. It made me realize that was a possibility, a different way to be then anything I ever saw before. Maybe decent moments of learning require being surprised or at least when we are drawn to a good story the pay off is the twist.
Short list of some favourite songs with twists:
Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner
Work With Me Annie
Sweet and Dandy
Ambulance Blues
You Never Can Tell

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