poor technique

Many times people tell you about your art and who it reminds them of. They mean it to be flattering or useful Рbut if there was a compliment college I think that technique should send them to a meeting with the guidance counsellor.

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  1. Hey Bob, it’s Mickey from the band Ween. We met some years back when you opened for my buddy’s band in New Jersey. I wanted to re-connect and say hello—I just shared some of your music from your BandCamp page on the Ween website and I got to reminiscing about our concert, and what it was like when you sat in with our ensemble that night. I have only ever TRULY connected with a small handful of people where I thought “they get it” and I tuck it away until the opportunity arises where it can hopefully happen again. I remember thinking that you were one of the baddest players I’ve shared the stage with, and at the end of the day that’s all I really live for–to be surrounded by like-minded people with that innate sense of music, I call it the full body groove. and you were playing an accordion–an instrument I’ve never even heard in my music. So at some point, hopefully sooner than later I’d like to try it again,. somehow, someway, in a studio, on a stage, in a room where no one but us hears it, it doesn’t matter to me, I get off the same way in every setting. I hope you’re feeling well my friend. -Mickey


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