what once was wild

Went to the Y and while entering the building I passed a man who looked so much like David, my old friend who died, that for an instant I thought he was alive and the whole sad story never happened. Really enjoyed that instant before the synapses to the cerebral cortex completed their job reminding facts what happened 10 years ago. Years earlier wrote a song about him called What Once Was Wild. One of the last times I saw David was touring in 2004 for the same record that included that song and when by surprise he showed up I told him I wrote a song about him. He asked if I would play it and I felt a bit awkward because it was about the dark clouds that followed him (and our growing apart). Later he seemed tickled even a little thrilled. Maybe it was the posterity or maybe something else. We had America Stars and Bars always in the background when we hung out at his house in 1976 with Emmy Lou Harris singing Saddle Up The Palomino. Certain records will always be soundtracks to certain times of your life. Writing music about things that have happened is stronger than reviewing pictures of it, more emotional because when you sing and play you re-enter the space and position you previously lived, suddenly you sorta live it again. Close as one gets to time travel.

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  1. Don’t know how you do it: get up on a stage and sing your heart out. Certain songs make me cry when I try to sing them. -Kate


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