Some friends moved to La Push, Washington to study with a shaman whose surname was Fourlines (signature was 4 vertical scratches) and they invited me to visit. After a show in Vancouver at the East Cultural centre, I took a bus to La Push, stayed overnight and one memory remains very vividly. While talking about the landscape and the locals, he told me about some trees near where we were standing and how they had been so parched they called over the clouds (he pointed across the sky) to come relieve them. I remember wondering after who am I to assume the world is Cartesian? Wasn’t Stevie Wonder trying to say something like that with The Secret Life of Plants? How sideways or underground might be the truth vs. how vertical we are told things are. Got on the subway yesterday and noticed the Toronto Star now has slim miniature version for riders, the newsprint world so diminished from where it used to be. I heard that Fourlines guy in my head whisper maybe the trees asked for the manifestation of the internet  so news would move online and keep more trees living. Robert Priest wrote a song that surprised me with something very similar to that idea called Who The Fuck Knows. Worth playing back on Soundcloud while reading this.

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